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whose silence is longer than the word spells, reading the other meaning

the color in one's cheeks, how the mind's thought of the body continues

the impulse to say what it means to be looking down, knowing how to say

how someone leans back, the person against the chair meaning to do that

followed by the image silence makes in the world, after which the other

drives away, how what happens to one listening to the same set of notes

(meaning) what can be thought is also happening to someone in the chair

who means to think such a thing, meaning the thought that someone else

feels in the body whose words can be thought, how the words themselves

appearing in the mind of the person who feels the space called silence

as an object itself feels the color in one's skin, the sign of feeling

making itself in that way known, how one is asking what someone wanted

to be told, as subject to thought of thinking what is given to be said


that one sees what it means to be watching the other across the room

as if one's fingers will not stop, something around the other's neck

whether that person walking into the room is someone who isn't known

or someone who means to be there, having known that one desires that

meaning the one who is standing in the room at that moment, thinking

to count or play the tape back again, as if something could be sound

when the other walks to the side of the room opposite the glass door

how the lights flow with traffic, how stars above the mountain shine

to think how someone looks, meaning what the mind may be said to see


after deer along the road, when the first face one sees in the morning

means to think of someone long enough to keep one awake, drive the car

feeling one whose eyes in the back seat one can watch (mirror) driving

having wanted to say one hadn't slept all night, when waiting for that

how someone can think of the person being as far away as the back seat

(driving) in a car, how one would feel if the other hit a tree or died

sitting beside such a person, wind gusting in the lee of volcanic rock

how the whole view at that point flows in one's mind, a scale of notes

from one to ten being the surprise of knowing one is there (intuitive)

as if one's hand on the clavicle of that person might feel it, meaning

(named) instead of the letter in knowing the one whose hand it touches

arriving there, how one will think of such a person only after driving


one who will be driving the road next to the other, how the orange itself

(tape) will be peeled by the person who walks to the car meaning (listen)

elsewhere to have been the end of the story before such an event, how one

opens the orange, pulls each section as if it were the second word spoken

driving, where the car is going faster than one who is walking (far away)

in blue that is reflection, what was thought to be someone else's meaning

itself on the table in the dark (seen), how the person wanted to be found

after walking to the car at the end of the sentence in which orange means

to be peeled, the taste of fingers in a mouth the second one hears (tape)

don't go meaning the coincidence of being in a place one thinks to happen

instead of the letter (itself) the person reads between lines, the desire

(simultaneous) to hear the tape and peel the orange in that car (driving)

one sees before the person, who is meaning somehow to be thinking of that


someone who thinks of the blue dress, the person wearing it, thinking that

each sound of the instrument, notes on strings lined like tape on the page

how one contains the passion that can't be known, how the pronoun suggests

the person walking out the door, the eye that sees what was spoken meaning

how it is to be talking in such a space described as the orbit bodies make

against pressure, how that momentum drives the thing itself called forward

the other side of the tape what might be called (sound) ring on the finger

(depending) silver, the ear itself from which the other object was hanging

having turned up in lines about the person, how one knows what is going on

as if the picture could bring it back, whose image appears by the red door

going out, speaking of the person who had meant to be reading in the chair

in terms of one who was formal, the black dress from the 50's meaning that

once (twice) what wasn't spoken meaning the look someone means to be given

between the one and the other, whose name isn't what one thought of it

as if by chance, how randomly one opens the page meaning what one said

in place of one's ring (also silver) on the other hand, under the chin

above which a person's mouth, as if being placed in that form of being

thinking what it means to say one wakes up in the middle of one's life

finding oneself driving on a road, trying to turn left against traffic

a person who thinks to ask what one is doing at such a time, the place

how someone whose voice answers the phone, having been out before that

if the meaning of walking by without stopping isn't read, that gesture

turning around, how if one sees a person standing against the doorjamb

how one's skin smells even from the chair, preparing to eat the orange

one doesn't want at that point, meaning not to break what is happening

as one's thought (of it) moves to what someone (outside) means by that


one who is thinking of pulling back, going out of the sun to save water

the first person will drink from a bottle or glass, served at the table

how walking along the street there is glass, the broken pieces of green

the way a road stops turning to rose, moving letters such as that along

how a name whose meaning is petals about to bloom, what is ahead of one

being in such a place indefinite, whose present stretches as far as "I"

think of walking to another country, where plants may be said to thrive

in shadow or light, the ways one is struck by the other's point of view

driving in a car, crossing roads where movies are being made, a picture

taken out the window of people who are talking, smoking in the sunlight

as one pulls the curtain, meaning not to be the subject of that thought

as if the other even could become what is called an object, one's sense

the mind means to control, were it possible to do in cases such as that


say the point one thinks to come to one's senses, how the other calls

as if to stop that, how walking in the door (suddenly) having knocked

is being in other words reasonable, moving from one side to the other

in the name of what can't be spoken because it isn't physical, things

the body isn't, as if one's desire for a thing like that will be felt

simply by putting one hand in another, the bus coming down the street

out of nowhere, speaking of the one in the white shirt (legs crossed)

who sits in the chair one was facing minutes after the other walks in

meaning to do that, one who is beginning to think how something feels

instead of the letter, one side of its sound being called (the other)

(alternative) directions the person moves in, the smell of one's skin

walking into a room as if to interrupt such an absence, resolving how

one feels in a car, people looking at someone (windows) in the street


the thought one has not knowing what the other thinks, walking in

the door having been left open by the one who thinks to come back

waiting to leave in a car, one taking the oranges to the same car

driving, listening to the sound on tape (side one) the other made

meaning the words could have depending, as if one could hear that

sound called thinking, hands with other rings (stones) on fingers

being the sound of what takes place in a bank, men who want money

waving guns, another wave that broke the leg of the one who rides

(rode) waves, saw how the helicopter could lift away with the car

leaning across the table to say that, meaning how to tell a story

one feels in a shaft of light, say when it breaks in a song about

feeling, how one thought to come back from the car before leaving

the other in the chair, having walked in meaning to be doing that


when one lets the other out of the car, how there are things one wants

(something) changing the situation of that person, being in that place

in the other's hand, fingers being in the middle of the road one is on

walking by water in a strong (onshore) wind, knowing what's against it

(someone) to be talking about that, boards with sails on water lifting

one in light beside the other, standing at the edge of where one jumps

(Hitchcock) wearing the jacket the wind is blowing forward (the other)

meaning one turns away at the thought of what is coming, how the plane

one isn't on, place across water about to be called the other's (home)

the way a glass of wine could be shared, speaking of pulling hair back

(repeat) behind one's ears, doing that in the wind at the other's back

having left the place of meeting to drive in a car talking to the tape

without knowing where to turn, meaning the person who is thinking that

the sense of it being (unlikely) to be seen by others in such a place, that

walking easily into a conversation of that, how a car's headlights approach

after one asks the meaning of rings, say on a road how it might be that one

(sound) will enter someone else's life on tape about to be called (feeling)

facing oncoming lights, another drive over the mountain the long way (home)

where one had practiced driving in the other car, which later left the road

the person inside once conceived, who wasn't in that case (somehow) injured

sun gone down into fog bank, one having been left as one drives up the hill

looking at water, boats anchored for the night being (grounded) in the real

time (sense) as the shape of words falling, feeling it matters what is said

when one who is walking on a gravel path watches how fields (side) can fold

away from the other (side), looks in the rearview mirror instead of driving

what it means to be thinking (inside) instead of doing (alternatively) that


the way the other will (suddenly) vanish out the door, say as one turns

to open the book (random) to "the blaze, as of a day or year" inscribed

meaning direct, how the one who writes that word speaking to the person

who has knocked, entered, talks as the story one is attempting to spell

instead of the letter, that thought is about a line for instance ending

"silent, upon a peak in Darien" another fragment followed ("celestial")

by dots (graphic) meaning how the other repeats what is meant by having

feeling one shouldn't, driving down the road toward what is called home

hands being in the same place (almost) easily, one who thinks something

whether the orange will be eaten or the other's eyes look up (suddenly)

(there) how the tape will be playing the next one, volume turned higher

having made the other part of one's life, meaning the part one is given

to be in such a place for hours, one whose words writing means to spell


one who is thinking of calling on the phone the other wakes, turns the tape

having received its sound as a message, as if someone else were in the room

sleeping on the floor, the idea of that being to travel anywhere (far away)

maybe by plane, sailing as a line might be read in the company of strangers

meaning to have money for the ticket and time, one's drivers license or car

driving west across the water at the speed of (tape) sound, traffic meaning

how one leans toward the table, thinks of the other in the chair whose head

falls forward, how the feeling of the other shows in one's face (reflected)

(traffic) being the look one's eyes reflect, as if to glance at one's watch

having arrived in the room after listening to a message on the phone (tape)

one is thinking of being heard in private, volume (down) as the tape turned

goes to the same sound, that words repeating it mean to say it (being said)

(forward) heading to the close of such a (feeling) being spoken now as that


the cast of light without clouds, as the sky between hills and the other

person moving forward in that place is being continuous, what water does

say to the body immersed in it, how waves can be suddenly about to break

thinking of whether to be driving (somewhere) in a car before that event

meaning desires, how the orange can be peeled in one continuous (motion)

(hybrid) being red as blood, eyes of the person who hasn't slept (lines)

later, when it enters the mouth of the child in the pool who is floating

having been down too long, the person who changes positions in such heat

meaning to stay awake, pushing against the color of sky (blue) a feeling

(ordinary) that is thinking of how the person looks in that sense, water

being as the feeling one carries later, how suddenly the terms of saying

what color or space is, the other senses one is disturbed by that (real)

thought, to be the one called feeling what it means to be turning in bed


where one in the car is driving, as if to say how the music changes

thinking of how easily the other could walk (suddenly) to the plane

at the end of the story, chapter meaning to be read in the distance

whose sound is called a change in the pattern weather becomes, that

(space) moving forward, how easy simply to think of going somewhere

the body wants to be extended, the word one gives in two dimensions

as if one could suddenly walk away from that which means to be left

at the edge of weather, how the line it makes as it crosses the map

(surface) might be read as the subject itself changes, moving close

to the sound of what someone means by walking into the room, beyond

thinking how the curve of a road can be taken as its motion (still)

driving into the sun above the sound of birds (unseen) as if a line

could hear itself, someone who thinks of being read by wanting that


one who is thinking of driving (fast) the way the car goes forward, light

(inside) on the line that makes itself in two dimensions a voice, meaning

to know what is said about the body being in such a place when the person

leaves the car in the middle of the road, walks forward to what is called

the dark, boats on water pulled up to the dock having travelled somewhere

(far away) meaning the sound that is still next to someone who is driving

as if the line itself could be that place, what is said as the tape fades

fast forward, how the shape of a mouth will be answered in someone else's

mouth, how something one doesn't say will look forward to what is present

being read in the car the moment someone opens the door, thinking to know

the other person's sense of what was happening, how it then might be said

that sound means the space that divides one from itself (exactly) crossed

by means of a surface (horizontals) upon which one will walk to the plane