new website, new stuff

Welcome to the re-launch of After a short time away (6 years or so), there’s new content, and new projects in the works.

First up:

A new ebook: Dark Adapt by Brian Strang.

Re-releases of two books by Will Alexander: A revised, expanded edition of Alexander’s first book, Vertical Rainbow Climber & a re-issue of his book Exobiology as Goddess.

Re-release of The Footprints of One Who Has Not Stepped Forth, by Richard Anders (translated by Andrew Joron).

Archive of ANGLE Magazine (edited by Brian Lucas).

An archive of almost the entirety of the duration press print chapbook run of 1999-2005, featuring work by: Anne-Marie Albiach, George Albon, Rachel Tzvia Back, Coral Bracho, Mary Burger, Pura López Colomé, Pierre Joris, Rachel Levitsky, Pascalle Monnier, Gale Nelson, Lauri Otonkoski, Sebastian Reichmann, Claude Royet-Journoud, Lutz Seiler, Juliana Spahr, Hiroya Takagai, Lourdes Vázquez, Keith Waldrop, Peter Waterhouse, Xue Di, & Heriberto Yépez.

And featuring translations from: James Brook, Norma Cole, Andrew Duncan, Forrest Gander, Anselm Hollo, Eric Selland, Cole Swensen, Keith Waldrop, & Rosmarie Waldrop.

Finally, two galleries of visual art featuring work by Mary Burger & Norma Cole.

More content will appearing soon.

Thanks for visiting!