e-book series

The following is a complete list of publications released in the e-book series since 1999. The first set is composed of titles released since 2015. The second set features titles released from 1999-2009.


Jenn McCreary, Cold War Love Songs (forthcoming)

Roberto Piva, Cyclones (tr. Chris Daniels)

Roberto Piva, Manifestoes (tr. Chris Daniels)

Roberto Piva, Paranoia (tr. Chris Daniels)

Brian Strang, Dark Adapt


Heather Akerberg, Dwelling

George Albon, Momentary Songs

Claire Becker, Get You

Guy Bennett, Retinal Echo

Taylor Brady, Production Notes for Occupation: Location Scouting

Brandon Brown, Kidnapped

Mary Burger, The Boy Who Could Fly

Catherine Daly, The Last Canto

Marcella Durand, The Body, Light, and Solar Poems

Patrick Durgin, Sorter

Noah Eli Gordon, notes toward the spectacle

E. Tracy Grinnell, Of the Frame

Amy King, The Citizen’s Dilemma

Rachel Levitsky, Realism (a work in progress)

Bill Marsh, A Tomb for Anatole

Pattie McCarthy, alibi (that is : elsewhere)

Jorge Melícias, Disruption (translated by Brian Strang & Elisa Brasil)

K. Silem Mohammad, Hanging Out with Pablo and Jennifer

Sawako Nakayasu, Balconic

kathryn l. pringle, The Stills

Francis Raven, Economic Belief Structure

Cynthia Sailers, A New Season

John Sakkis, Rude Girl

Rick Snyder, Forecast Memorial

Suzanne Stein, Untitled (Poetry Event: June 2, 2007, Pegasus Books Downtown, Berkeley)Audio of event

Brian Strang, machinations

Elizabeth Treadwell, LILYFOIL (or Boy & Girl Tramps of America)

Kevin Varrone, g-point almanac (9.22-10.19)

Dana Ward, The Imaginary Lives of My Neighbors

Alli Warren, No Can Do

Towards a Foreign Likeness Bent: translation