seedings – issue three spring 2017

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Will Alexander, Five Poems
Hajiwara Kyojiro, from Death Sentence (tr. Sho Sugita)
Mary Oppen, from Poems & Transpositions
Roberta Iannamico, Six Poems (tr. Alexis Almeida)
Ilarie Voronca, Act of Presence (tr. Julian Semilian)
Omar Berrada, All the Birds (for Sarah)
Hector Ruiz, Desert, Desert Fox — 3. Leave Divided (tr. François Luong)
Kristin Prevallet, “That premonition we all know, this has happened before somewhere else,/or this will happen again—where? when?”
Amal Dunqul, The Book of Genesis (tr. Robin Moger)
Norman Fischer, from On a Train at Night
Elizabeth Willis, The Americans
Sébastien Smirou, The Glow Worm (tr. Andrew Zawacki)
Osip Mandelstam, from The Voronezh Notebooks (tr. John High & Matvei Yankelevich)
Yāqūt Al-Ḥamawī, On Abū ʿĀmir Al-Jurjānī from Dictionary of the Scholars (tr. David Larsen)
Tongo Eisen-Martin, Three Poems
Brian Lucas, Paintings 2011-2017
Mara Pastor, Three Poems ( tr. María José Giménez)
Tanella Boni, from The Future Has an Appointment With the Dawn (tr. Todd Fredson)
Marcel Schwob, Two Stories (tr. Kit Schluter)
Michael Palmer, from Elegies for Sister Satan
Ouyang Jianghe, from Taj Mahal Tears (tr. Lucas Klein)
Matt Turner, Five Poems
Ahmed Shafie, from And Other Poems (tr. Robin Moger)
Gennady Aygi, from Time of Gratitude (tr. Peter France)
Jane Wong, Three Poems
Andrew Zawacki, from Waterfall Plot
Urmuz, Algazy & Grummer (tr. Julian Semilian)
Kit Schluter, Juicy Orthogon & Two Cartoons
Chantal Maillard, from Killing Plato (tr. Yvette Siegert)
John High, from Vanishing Acts
Maged Zaher, Two Poems
Eleni Sikelianos, from Now I Tell What I Knew
José Antonio Ramos Sucre, Hailstorm / Granizada (tr. Guillermo Parra)
Maria Attanasio, Interiors (tr. Carla Billitteri)
Stan Mir, Three Poems
Notes & Reviews