The following is a complete list of publications released on since 1999. The first set is composed of titles released since 2015. The second set features titles released from 1999-2009.


Anne-Marie Albiach, A Discursive Space (interviews with Jean Daive) (tr. Norma Cole)

George Albon, Transit Rock

Will Alexander, Exobiology as Goddess

Will Alexander, Vertical Rainbow Climber

Richard Anders, The Footsteps of One Who Has Not Stepped Forth (tr. Andrew Joron)

ANGLE Magazine (edited by Brian Lucas)

Roman Antopolsky, Haunted House

Apex of the M (edited by Lew Daly, Alan Gilbert, Kristin Prevallet, Pam Rehm)

Gennady Aygi, An Anthology of Chuvash Poetry

Gennadi Aygi, Degree of Stability (tr. Peter France)

Rachel Tzvia Back, The Buffalo Poems

Josely Vianna Baptista, On the Shining Screen of the Eyelids (tr. Chris Daniels)

Melissa Benham, at sea

Coral Bracho, Of Their Ornate Eyes of Crystalline Sand (tr. Forrest Gander)

Michel Bulteau, Crystals to Aden (tr. Pierre Joris)

Mary Burger, Nature’s Maw Gives and Gives

Norma Cole, Coleman Hawkins Ornette Coleman

Norma Cole, Metamorphopsia

Norma Cole, My Bird Book

Pura López Colomé, Aurora (tr. Forrest Gander)

Stacy Doris, Paramour

Jean-Michel Espitallier, Butchers Fantasy (tr. Sherry Brennan & Jean-Michel Espitallier)

Factorial Magazine (edited by Sawako Nakayasu)

The Germ: A Journal of Poetic Research

John High, The Desire Notebooks

Emmanuel Hocquard, Late Additions (tr. Connell McGrath and Rosmarie Waldrop)

Emmanuel Hocquard and Ray DiPalma, Personæ and Thoughts on Personæ (tr. Ray DiPalma)

Pierre Joris, Permanent Diaspora

Rachel Levitsky, Dearly 3 4 6

Andrei Molotiu, The Kingdom

Pascalle Monnier, Bayart: Spring (tr. Cole Swensen)

Laura Moriarty, Nude Memoir

Gale Nelson, Spectral Angel

Aldon Lynn Nielsen, Black Chant

Mary Oppen, Poems & Transformations

Lauri Otonkoski, 20 Poems (tr. Anselm Hollo)

Roberto Piva, Manifestoes (tr. Chris Daniels)

Roberto Piva, open your eyes and say ah! (tr. Chris Daniels)

Roberto Piva, Paranoia (tr. Chris Daniels)

Pam Rehm, To Give it Up

Sebastian Reichmann, Sweeper at His Door (tr. James Brook)

Claude Royet-Journoud, The Right Wall of the Heart Effaced (tr. Keith Waldrop)

Lutz Seiler, Poems (tr. Andrew Duncan)

Ryoko Sekiguchi, Tracing (tr. Stacy Doris)

Aaron Shurin, Reverie: A Requiem

Gustaf Sobin, Telegrams

Juliana Spahr, LIVE

Brian Strang, Are You Afraid?

Brian Strang, Dark Adapt

Hiroya Takagai, Rush Mats (tr. Eric Selland)

Habib Tengour, Empedocles’s Sandal (tr. Pierre Joris)

Lourdes Vazquez, Park Slope

The Violence of the White Page: Contemporary French Poetry (edited by Stacy Doris, Charles Bernstein, and Phillip Foss)

Keith Waldrop, The Silhouette of the Bridge (Memory Stand-Ins)

Keith Waldrop, Spit-Curls

Peter Waterhouse, Where Are We Now? (tr. Rosmarie Waldrop)

Tyrone Williams, c.c.

Xue Di, Circumstances (tr. Keith Waldrop, with Hil Anderson and Xue Di)

Heriberto Yepez, Babellebab


Heather Akerberg, Dwelling

George Albon, Momentary Songs

Michael Basinski, Mooon Bok: petition, invocation & homage

Claire Becker, Get You

Guy Bennett, Retinal Echo

Taylor Brady, Production Notes for Occupation: Location Scouting

Brandon Brown, Kidnapped

Mary Burger, The Boy Who Could Fly

Norma Cole, Mace Hill Remap

Catherine Daly, The Last Canto

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Wells

Marcella Durand, The Body, Light, and Solar Poems

Patrick Durgin, And so on

Patrick Durgin, Sorter

Peter Ganick, …As Convenience

Susan Gevirtz, Domino: point of entry

Jesse Glass, Man’s Wows

Noah Eli Gordon, notes toward the spectacle

E. Tracy Grinnell, Of the Frame

Pierre Joris, The Fifth Season

Amy King, The Citizen’s Dilemma

Rachel Levitsky, Realism (a work in progress)

Bill Marsh, A Tomb for Anatole

Pattie McCarthy, alibi (that is : elsewhere)

Mark McMorris, Figures for a Hypothesis

Jorge Melícias, Disruption (translated by Brian Strang & Elisa Brasil)

K. Silem Mohammad, Hanging Out with Pablo and Jennifer

Sawako Nakayasu, Balconic

kathryn l. pringle, The Stills

Francis Raven, Economic Belief Structure

Pam Rehm, Pollux

Elena Rivera, Wale; or The Corse

Cynthia Sailers, A New Season

John Sakkis, Rude Girl

Eleni Sikelianos, poetics of the exclamation point

Eleni Sikelianos, To Speak While Dreaming

Rick Snyder, Forecast Memorial

Juliana Spahr, Nuclear

Suzanne Stein, Untitled (Poetry Event: June 2, 2007, Pegasus Books Downtown, Berkeley)Audio of event

Brian Strang, machinations

Cole Swensen, It’s Alive She Says

Elizabeth Treadwell, LILYFOIL (or Boy & Girl Tramps of America)

Kevin Varrone, g-point almanac (9.22-10.19)

Keith Waldrop, The Garden of Effort

Rosmarie Waldrop, Lawn of Exlcuded Middle

Dana Ward, The Imaginary Lives of My Neighbors

Alli Warren, No Can Do

Code of Signals


Towards a Foreign Likeness Bent: translation