Mary Burger

About the Artist

I make paintings and mixed-media works using biomorphic and geometric patterns to explore spatial experience and the intersections between natural and cultural adaptations. I think of color and pattern as languages that I’m continually relearning, where meaning comes from relationships between elements, and a shift in relationship creates a shift in meaning.

I’m a poet and environmental designer as well as a visual artist. Drawing on these practices, I’m interested in the intersections between adaptations and perceptual habits. As we reckon with the ways human activity is altering the natural environment, human can’t be separated from nature. Paradoxically, as our development patterns cut us off from nature—through habitat destruction, the spread of toxins, the eradication of species, the violent threats to many human communities—these consequences are also a means of recognizing our place in natural systems. These consequences, like smog tinting a sunset, reveal nature by occluding it.

I live in Oakland and have shown my work at Bay Area venues including Collector, the Compound Gallery, and Root Division.

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