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“420 Abîmes, parestagraphie d’un coup de dés”

Haunted House

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On 5 (on foot on arlt)

Lake Michigan, Scene 3 

 The bodies are on the beach

And the bodies keep breaking

And the fight is over

But the bodies aren’t dead

And the mayor keeps saying       I will bring back the bodies

I will bring back the bodies that were broken

The broken bodies speak slowly

They walk slowly onto a beach that hangs over a fire

Into a fire that hangs over a city

Into a city of immigrants      of refugees    of dozens of illegal languages

Into a city where every body is a border between one empire and another

I don’t know the name of the police officer who beats me

I don’t know the name of the superintendent who orders the police officer to beat me

I don’t know the name of the diplomat who exchanged my body for oil

I don’t know the name of the governor who exchanged my body for chemicals

The international observers tell me I’m mythological

They tell me my history has been wiped out by history

They look for the barracks but all they see is the lake and its grandeur    the flowering gardens     the flourishing beach

The international observers ask me if I remember the bomb that was dropped on my village

They ask me if I remember the torches    the camps     the ruins

They ask me if I remember the river      the birds       the ghosts

They say    find hope in hopefulness     find life in deathlessness

Locate the proper balance between living and grieving

I walk on the lake and hear voices

I hear voices in the sand and wind

I hear guilt and shame in the waves

I have my body when others are missing

I have my hands when others are severed

I hear the children of Chicago singing       We live in the blankest of times

–Daniel Borzutsky

About the artist

Román Antopolsky is a poet, artist, and translator born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) living currently in Pittsburgh. He studied philosophy (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and fine arts (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte) in his native city and is the author in Spanish of five books of poetry (ádelon, Cythna en red, Amor Islam, El ruido elegido, and CaNCaN) and three books of short fiction/essays (MI TO MA NO, Breve fábrica, and Defixiones), as well as a novel, La orilla del día. His paintings and drawings have been shown at venues in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Washington, DC, an Pittsburgh.