seedings – issue five Spring 2018

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Mark McMorris, Six Poems
Nathanaël, The solitary deaths of Mizoguchi Kenji
Peter Weiss, from The Aesthetics of Resistance Volume III (tr. Michael Lipkin)
ʿĀ’ishah al-Bāʿūnīyah, from Emanation of Grace and the Gathering Union (tr. Th. Emil Homerin)
Omar Pérez, from Cubanology (tr. Kristin Dykstra)
Rachel Tzvia Back, What Use is Poetry, The Poet is Asking
Paul Éluard, Six Poems (tr. Carlos Lara)
Brian Strang, The Infinite Infant
Tahir Hamut, Four Poems (tr. Joshua L. Freeman)
Carlos Lara, Three Poems
Friederike Mayröcker, from Fleurs (tr. Jonathan Larson)
Sawako Nakayasu, Two Poems
George Economou, Rough Trade–Anacreon
Harriet Tarlo, from cut flowers
Jorgenrique Adoum, Seven Poems (tr. by Katherine M. Hedeen and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez)
Aditi Machado, Wear Simple Clothes
Randi Ward, Photos from Hestur
Vaan Nguyen, Three Poems (tr. Adriana X Jacobs)
Hagiwara Sakutaro, On Translating Poetry (tr. Sho Sugita)
Joseph Noble, from mirror song / winding grace
Alexis Iparraguirre, Not a Fable (tr. Emily Toder)
Jeffrey Yang, Four Poems
Khal Torabully, Eight Poems (tr. Nancy Naomi Carlson)
Sarah Tuss Efrik & Johannes Göransson, from A New Quarantine Will Devour My Body
Virgilio Piñera, Elegy Like So (tr. Dan Bellm )
Ryoko Sekiguchi, from adagio ma non troppo (tr. Lindsay Turner)
Andrew Schelling, from Tenth Song of the Meadowlark
Luis Enrique Belmonte, Five Poems (tr. Guillermo Parra)
Luis Felipe Fabre, Stilled Life (tr. Dan Bellm )
Andrei Molotiu, Four Poems from the 90s
ʿAntarah ibn Shaddād, Did Poetry Die? (tr. James E. Montgomery with Richard Sieburth)
Lupe Gómez, from The Wild Springs of Paradise (tr. Erín Moure)
María Negroni, from Berlin Interlude (tr. Michelle Gil-Montero)
Daniel Borzutzky, Lake Michigan, Scene 13
Tóroddur Poulsen, Two Poems (tr. Randi Ward)
Mark Weiss, A Suite of Dances XI: Hand Games
Notes & Reviews