seedings – issue seven Fall 2020

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Blanca Varela, Six Poems (translated by Carlos Lara)
Tanella Boni, Six Poems (translated by Todd Fredson)
Visar Zhiti, Four Poems (translated by Ani Gjika)
Mohab Nasr, Five Poems (translated by Robin Moger)
Tereza Riedlbauchová, Five Poems (translated by Stephan Delbos)
Max Jacob, Five Poems (translated by Alexander Dickow)
from the Kojiki, Birthing the World (retold by Jeffrey Angles and Hiromi Itō)
Erín Moure, Three Poems
Daniel Borzutzky, Murmur
Stéphane Mallarmé, What the Three Storks Were Saying (translated by Peter Mason)
Hu Jiujiu, from Fog (translated by Matt Turner and Weng Haiying)
Caroline Bergvall, I telle yous
Tina Escaja, Four Poems (translated by Kristin Dykstra)
Caroline Sinavaiana-Gabbard, from Side Effects
Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Five Poems from Outgoing Vessel (translated by Katrine Øgaard Jensen)
Na Castelloza ft. Lisa Robertson and sabrina soyer, Mout av`etz fach lonc estatge
Carlos Lara Two Poems
Omar Al-Nakib, A Gallery
Raúl Zurita, from Song of the Solitary Children (translated by Daniel Borzutzky)
Kristin Dykstra, Four Poems
Marcelo Morales, “I went to the coast when the pandemic was receding…” (translated by Kristin Dykstra)
Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine, Four Poems (translated by Jake Syersak)
Virgil, The Aeneid, Book 10 (translated by David Hadbawnik Images by Omar Al-Nakib)
Michèle Métail, Cadastre (Translated by Marcella Durand)
Tongo Eisen-Martin, Three Poems
Chus Pato, Three Poems from The Face of the Quartzes [Un libre favor] (translated by Erín Moure)
Matt Turner, from Slab Phase
Saniya Saleh, Seven Poems (Translated by Robin Moger)
Víctor Rodríguez Núñez, from Midnight Minutes (translated by Katherine Hedeen)