seedings – issue two Fall 2016


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René Char – Twelve Poems (tr. Dawn-Michelle Baude)
Eugénio de Andrade – Five Poems (tr. Alexis Levitin)
Valerie Mejer-Caso – Six Poems (tr. Michelle Gil-Montero)
Frank Lima, 10 Poems
Gaspar Orozco – from Autocinema (tr. Mark Weiss)
Aimé Césaire – from Like a Misunderstanding of Salvation (tr. A. James Arnold & Clayton Eshleman)
Yoko Tawada – from Memoirs of a Polar Bear (tr. Susan Bernofsky)
Susan M. Schultz – from Memory Cards: Simone Weil Series
Virgilio Piñera – from The Whole Island (tr. Mark Weiss)
Nathaniel Mackey – Song of the Andoumboulou: 156
Clayton Eshleman – Three Poems
Antonio Gamoneda – Losses Burn (tr. Donald Wellman)
Garrett Caples – Two Poems
André Breton, René Char, Paul Éluard – Ralentir Travaux (tr. Keith Waldrop)
Rito Ramón Aroche – Two Poems (tr. Kristin Dykstra)
Matt Turner – Late Style in American Poetry
Andrei Molotiu – 13 Drawings
Reina María Rodríguez – Two Poems (tr. Kristin Dykstra)
Michelle Gil-Montero – Five Poems
Gozo Yoshimasu – Borrowing a Melody* from the Hearts of the Three Graces (tr. Sawako Nakayasu)
Sesshu Foster – The Famous TV Show (The Stuntman’s Tale)
Paul Celan & Petre Solomon – Paul Celan’s Little Evening Book (tr. Pierre Joris)
Mark Weiss – Pastoral
Rosalía de Castro – from New Leaves (tr. Erín Moure)
Galo Ghigliotto – from Valdivia (tr. Daniel Borzutzky)
Aloysius Bertrand, from Gaspard de la Nuit (tr. Andrei Molotiu)
Anne Kawala, from Screwball (The Indispensable Deficit) (tr. Kit Schluter)
Clayton Eshleman – Cave Art Theory